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VITO ROOT esites



VITO ROOT esites

Welcome on the VITO extranet portal

Suggestions

  1. We advise to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer

  2. Don't forget to include domain name in UPPERCASE in login (VITO\) while signing in, otherwise you'll sign in on your own network of PC

  3. Be attention: password = case sensitive!
    Avoid copy/paste from mail, because we can't guarantee that all characters will be pasted correctly.

  4. Check "remember my credentials" while logging in (on the WIndows security popup-screen). 

  5. In your browser, add to your trusted sites (Via Tools menu -> Internet Options -> Security tab -> Select Trusted sites -> Sites)

  6. In your browser, for Trusted sites, Custom level, enable Automatic login with your username and password otherwhise you'll have to re-login while opening a document
    (VIA Tools menu -> Internet Options -> Security tab ->  Trusted Sites -> Custom level ... (one of the options nearly at the bottom the list)


Change your password (You must be signed in to change your password)

  1. You must be signed in to change your password
  2. To Sign in click Sign in on the right upper corner (or else) of this page!
  3. After signing in click on Change your password!


Reset your password

  • To reset your password you will be asked to fill in 2 important security parameters
    • Your Login name (delivered by mail)
    • Your Email-address (Email-address, used to send the mail with your login and initial password)
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to your Email-address!
  • If you don't know the security parameters, please contact your Contactperson at VITO for the portal you want to connect to!